7 Smart Kitchen Appliances You Should Buy This Year

Today’s digital technology permeates right through everything that we use in our daily lives – from air conditioning systems to washing machines and various kitchen appliances. Thanks to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the era of futuristic Smart appliances is around the corner.

Technology helps us stay in touch

It feels great to stay connected with friends, family and now your kitchen appliances. That’s right! Using a mobile app, you can control and monitor your kitchen appliances while handling other tasks outside the kitchen. Life seems much simpler when you have some of those smart appliances in your kitchen. But before buying, you will want to know a thing or two about them and see if they are worth loosening the purse strings for.

In this detailed review, we will go over top 10 smart kitchen appliances that make life inside kitchen a lot simpler and also make bad cooks brilliant chefs.

Let’s get started.

Crock-Pot Wemo Smart Wifi-Enabled Slow Cooker

No one could ever imagine in one’s wildest dreams a cooker that comes enabled with Wi-Fi. Pinched yourself already? We thought so.

Crock-Pot is a Wi-Fi enabled Smart Cooker – that’s what they call it – that prepares meals without requiring you to hang around. While this cooker prepares a batch of soup or boils rice, you can control and monitor the progress of your meal from anywhere around or outside your home, as long as both the cooker and the app are connected to the Internet.

With an easy to use a mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android, you can schedule your food as it cooks and receives notifications when it’s ready.

Talking about the design, it is sleek, stylish and comes with cool-touch ergonomic handles. This oval shaped cooker can contain large cuts of meat and boil veggies without a hitch.

Smart Kitchen Appliances



  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Free WeMo app
  • Stylish design
  • The glass lid doesn’t come with a locking mechanism
  • The timer is displayed on the app only

The Crock-Pot Slow Cooker gives you the flexibility to cook anytime, from anywhere, using a free WeMo app. Get all controls at your fingertips with a one-touch sync.


NutriBullet Blender

With Nutribullet Blender, it’s easy to prepare smoothies and milkshakes for a healthy breakfast and even easier to keep track of your calorie intake. Download the app and get going. Nutribullet does a lot more than an ordinary blender. Its smart blending mechanism breaks down veggies and fruits to extract the most nutrients, giving you a tastier, healthier recipe.

It’s a Bluetooth enabled blender, which connects via a free mobile app and provides all the controls and information on your phone’s screen. Using the mobile app, you can control the motor speed and blending time from a distance.



Smart Kitchen Appliances


  • Reliable Bluetooth connectivity
  • LED Indicator
  • Powerful 1200 Watt motor that grinds and blends just about anything
  • Lies on the higher end of the price spectrum
  • Available only in one standard size


Nespresso Expert Espresso Machine

Your love for making coffee shouldn’t cost you a lot of time and efforts. This smart Espresso machine understands you better and gets you a hot cup of joe in less than a minute. With Bluetooth technology, you can get full control of the machine on your phone’s screen and can choose from four cup sizes according to your daily caffeine fix.

The mobile app gives you the flexibility to create personalized coffees and lets you order Nespresso capsules as per your needs. You can remotely control the brewing time and select among three temperature settings to get your perfect coffee served up in the desired cup size.

Its flat-to-the-wall design takes after the iconic Barista’s espresso machine, with aluminum accents adding more to its beauty. The machine can be placed on the shelf, against the wall, saving you space and cleaning hassles.


Smart Kitchen Appliances



  • App compatible with iOS and Android Devices
  • Lets you create a personalized coffee
  • Order Nespresso Capsules and get maintenance assistance from Nespresso Club
  • Complimentary gift at the time of purchase
  • Limited compatibility; Nespresso pods only
  • Controls could have been more intuitive


BrewArt BeerDroid

It’s beer o’ clock and you can chug as many freshly brewed beers as you please in the comfort of your home. Invite your friends over and treat them to the finest homemade fresh beer with BrewArt BeerDroid, a fully automated machine that can brew 2.6 Gallons of beer with a single touch. Don’t worry about the ingredients. They are authentic and come included with the machine.

The machine can be controlled remotely via a Wi-Fi enabled an app that lets you control and monitor the progress of your brew. Using BrewArt app, you can download various brewing profiles and try them all to discover your favorite beer.

The integrated LCD display allows you to customize your brew, set the desired temperature and check the progress every step of the way.


Smart Kitchen Appliances



  • The whole set up is as compact as a mini refrigerator
  • Brews premium beer at the push of a button
  • App available for free for Android and iOS
  • Runs on 110v mains only
  • Tap spigots are relatively flimsy


Drop Scale Smart Kitchen Scale and Recipe App

Ever happened to you when you ended up making enough for more than double the number of people you planned to serve? We feel you. One-third cup of this and two and a half tablespoon of that part is tricky for everyone. If you want to save yourself from it big time, get yourself Drop Scale Smart Kitchen Scale and Recipe App.

This device and app will assist you to step by step in making just the number of servings you need. It is as simple as pulling up the recipe you want to prepare using the app, feeding on the number of people you want to serve and following the detailed ingredient instructions on the screen. No measuring cups are required; Drop Scale is smart enough to notify you once you have overdone adding ingredients to the bowl atop it.

It’s smarter than just that. If you go wrong in adding an ingredient, it would even compute how to compensate with other ingredients and still ensure that the final dish turns out just fine.


Smart Kitchen Appliances



  • Learn cooking while cutting on wastage and the chance of going wrong
  • Simple and compact design in a contrast of white and red colored base
  • Would make baking a breeze with its interactive app
  • Comes with an option of adding new recipes to the App which already contains more than 100 recipes
  • Wireless use with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Heat-resistant base
  • Fitted with a battery with a long life of up to 1 year (normal use)
  • Pricey to be a normal kitchen scale
  • No additional features
  • No Android support
  • Doesn’t have a Scale display


Breville Smart Grill

Breville Smart Grill is here making grilling from the comforts of your indoors a reality. From meats, vegetables, Panini-style sandwiches to breakfast items, this countertop Grill can help you cook all such foods quickly and easily.

This appliance comes fitted with smart elements that will add up to a great grilling experience. It heats up quickly and maintains the set temperature, together making cooking really time-saving for you. The foods made on it not only look good but also taste delectable.

The Element IQ Technology fitted in it makes all the difference by bridging the gap between indoor and outdoor cooking. The sensor controlled heating that you will enjoy with it will leave no stone unturned in providing you ultimate cooking experience.



Smart Kitchen Appliances


  • Maintains high heat for better cooking and searing of even thickest cuts of meats
  • Cleans up easily
  • Quality built
  • Leaves proper grill marks
  • The large cooking area makes it versatile
  • Won’t be comfortable if you have a limited counter space
  • Waffle plates excluded
  • Additional plates can get a bit costly.


Amazon Echo

On the days when cooking leaves you with hands soaked in a sticky batter, Amazon Echo can turn out being a lifesaver especially when you have to clarify something about your recipe, make a call, drop a message, play music, listen to an audiobook, radio or news or control other smart home devices. Imagine doing all such tasks hands-free. That’s where this device can be a really useful kitchen addition.

This device is as good as someone lending you a pair of hands. All you have to do is talk to it by giving voice commands and get answers or tasks done without you having to move even an inch away from your kitchen. If you are cooking alone, it can be a wonderful device.

With it in your kitchen, you can be a quite versatile right from the middle of the food that you are preparing. What the best thing about this device is it gets smarter with the addition of new features and skills.



Smart Kitchen Appliances


  • Completely hands-free control adds more to convenience
  • Voice interactions
  • Plays music from Spotify, Prime Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio and TuneIn
  • Great tool for people occupied in cooking or other tasks
  • Bluetooth pairing is smooth
  • No monthly costs or subscription costs
  • Compared to Siri on the iPhone, it lacks visual images. So, you have to completely rely on its audio outputs.
  • You can interact with it only in the English language.



Value for money (our recommendation)

The smart home is a buzzword nowadays; it’s easy to be carried away in the hype and excitement of transforming yours into one such. But care must be taken not to make a purchase that you will regret later. Keeping this in mind, we recommend Nespresso Expert Espresso Machine. We are quite convinced that it is the best espresso machine that you can find for such a price. Thanks to its smart operations, it’s easy to operate and most importantly, provides a soul-satisfying espresso for you to kick-start your day. Apart from this appliance, we feel that having a personal assistant can make your life much easier right from your kitchen. This is where we feel that Amazon Echo is also a cut above the rest.


These smart kitchen appliances are popular choices liked for their quality, price, performance, design, life, and value. Our recommendations take into consideration all these factors and more. Please feel free to share this knowledge with someone looking for it.






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